"It was a very good experience, he came out on time, he was very prompt, he stuck by his original estimate, He worked with me and his crew, and he was very good to check up on me."

"Al returned my call and set up an appointment the next day. He was at my house when he said he would be and called when he was five minutes away to let me know he was on his way. He did a great job and I am sure I will have him back out soon. "

"He is very prompt and reliable. His men do very good work and seem to take pride in what they do. He is always on site with the crew to supervise that what was promised to the client is being done correctly."

"Al was super responsive, and even went to get new hinges for me when the ones I bought did not work.  He made sure his workers completed the work on time, which was a huge deal to us."

"He is great.  He installed 7 grab bars, used for balance, around the house and used special bolts that increased the amount of weight that they could withstand and made them extremely secure.  He did a superb job.  He measured them spot on and installed them in very convenient places.  He cleaned up after himself as well."

"Al was a handyman recommended to us from a close friend. One thing I can say about him is that he was a perfectionist and he was very skilled at what he did. He had a higher level of expectation for himself than the other handymen and general contractors in the area."

""Great service. I had a reminder call the day before confirming Al and crew would be coming out to work on my home...They reviewed the work to be done with me and jumped right in. They asked questions that came up as they worked, were considerate and friendly. About an hour or so later more of the crew came out and began working immediately. They were a professional hard working team. Everything was finished and cleaned up mid-afternoon. Al and his crew were great. I never let contractors into my home without being around in case of problems. I felt completely comfortable and confident in this team. I highly recommend them!"

"We have used them many times for just about any kind of job a remote landlord could need.  We are in a different city and cannot come by for semi-urgent repairs.  Al has always responded quickly, usually has the job done in a day or two, and always at a fair price.  I can pay by credit card and he coordinates with the tenant." 

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